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Welcome to
CryptoTrustConsulting (CRTRC)

CryptoTrustConsulting (CRTRC) is the in-house investment currency of
Cryptotrustconsulting Ltd.

CryptoTrust Consulting Ltd. is a financial management and administration company founded in 2018.
The company provides investment services in crypto assets. The goal of CryptoTrust Consulting Ltd. is to give private and institutional investors access to the lucrative market for crypto assets based on guarantee contracts and to offer investors the absolute maximum of security, especially in the current volatile period of crypto currencies.
Investors are able to invest their crypto currencies or make an investment in any usual Currency. 

The investment strategy of CryptoTrust Consulting is unique on the market. The assets are weighted according to their stability and integrity.

On average, the company trades around 68,000,000 shares of crypto currencies daily at 8 different trading venues worldwide.

As a hedge, the company uses sophisticated software that monitors the market 24 hours a day, under the supervision of experienced professionals, what identifies loss trends.
Profits are regularly partially hedged and partly reinvested. The wide spread (up to 1100 different currencies) and the purchase and sale at different prices and times,
achieves a continuous and healthy weighted profit. (similar cost-average effect)

The corporate philosophy is to always keep a very low cost structure and thus to achieve maximum profit for companies and customers.

  1. ACTIVE PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT - CryptoTrust Consulting provides private and institutional investors with secure and transparent access to the fast-growing market for crypto currencies. With actively managed investment strategies, we guarantee 100% of your deposits and you benefit from the exorbitant return on your Crypto assets.
  2. 24/7 MARKET OBSERVATION - We work on your earnings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. TRANSPARENCY - We inform you quarterly about the investment status and break down investments made.
  4. EFFICIENCY - We simplify investments in crypto assets, through professional software and in-depth expertise.
  5. SECURITY - We guarantee your investment 100%. (DGS)
  6. PROFESSIONALISM AND TRUST - We have many years of investment experience and know the requirements of investors and institutions.
  7. DIVERSIFICATION - We offer a unique concept on the market. Cost effective and highly effective.

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